May 10, 2020

A new public space around Varso Place

As we develop Varso Place, we are also changing its surroundings. A nearly 200-metre stretch of ul. Chmielna in central Warsaw will have a more presentable look. The neighbourhood will now be greener and substantially more walkable.


We are about to complete our renovation of ul. Chmielna, where we have:

  • built a brand new pedestrian crossing on the axis of the entrance to the entire complex, which will connect the pedestrian route up to ul. Złota
  • marked out dedicated parking spaces preventing pavement parking
  • made sure to eliminate architectural barriers
  • resurfaced and widened the pavements
  • installed new street lamps and signage
  • set up comfortable benches and bicycle stands.


During the resurfacing of the street, we uncovered partly preserved pre-war paving stones, which we used in consultation with the city district council to resurface the parking bays in order to highlight the character of ul. Chmielna. We also used uncovered pre-war kerbs for the reconstruction.


The ground floors of the buildings will be fully available to residents and passers-by. Shop windows and entrances to bars and restaurants are directly accessible from the street. Pavement cafés will appear on wide pavements partly lined with natural wood planks, right next to the buildings’ arcades.


We have already planted about 80 mature trees up to 10 metres high. In front of Varso Place, passers-by will find shade under the crowns of hornbeam trees and pin oaks. Small-leaved lime trees appeared on the other side of the road, and we planted a row of cherry trees along the internal road.


The street is being reconstructed in consultation with the Municipal Roads Authority.


After we complete Varso Tower, we will also open a new exit from the tunnel of the Warsaw Central Station including a disabled access lift. There will also be an escalator from the public part of the building’s ground floor.