Varso Tower’s mosaic is Warsaw’s new eye-catcher

November 25, 2022

The unique wall decoration has been installed in the public lobby of Varso Tower. The installation the size of 320 sq. m. has been "woven" from 1,800 hand-made ceramic tiles. Its colours refer to sky and the roof tiles of Warsaw's Old Town.

Mosaic is a form of wall and floor decoration techniques known for centuries. Some associate it with a trip to Portugal or Spain and the famous "azulejos", brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Moors. Others will think of richly decorated temples and palaces in Europe and distant countries of the Orient. There are also those who associate the mosaic with the post-war times in Poland, when it was very popular, also among Warsaw artists. Today, this form of decoration is experiencing a renaissance, but in a slightly different version – it is often used as an element of decor in houses and apartments.

What is so unusual about mosaics? Certainly, their uniqueness and intricacy of workmanship. The mosaic in Varso Tower, made by the Warsaw-based artist Krystyna Kaszuba-Wacławek, is not an ordinary decoration – it is an element that contributes to the ambience of the place. The installation surprises with its form and colours. Hand-made and glazed ceramic tiles have shades of blue and terracotta, but each one differs from the others in colour, which creates an extraordinary whole.

All those who are interested in what it looks like are welcome to visit the lobby of Varso Tower.

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