November 30, 2019

See Varso Place in an international series by National Geographic!

Europe is full of hidden gems of nature, unique works of the human mind and incredible traditions we often have no idea about. Now you can discover them with National Geographic’s new TV series “Europe From Above”. The series premieres with an entire episode about Poland that features our Varso Place!


Tune in on 5 November to see how impressive Varso Place looks from above. Seen from such a height (and from the ground level too), the scale of our project in the Warsaw city centre makes quite an impression!


In addition to Varso Place, the first episode of Europe from Above will also feature a spectacular launch of a ship at Gdańsk Shipyard; the Malbork Castle, the largest mediaeval building in Europe; the relaxing snowscape of the Białowieża Forest, and even a skijoring tournament (you have no idea what it is, do you?).


The show will also offer a brand new look at Poland and Europe as the next episodes will also take you to Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain and Spain.


Europe From Above will air on Tuesdays, starting 5 November, at 10:00 p.m. on National Geographic Channel.