Space rental

The event you’re planning calls for a special venue?

Or perhaps you wish to surprise your clients with a space that radiates a unique ambiance?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Varso Place offers a selection of rental spaces full of design potential, ready to accommodate a variety of events. Our spacious, elegantly designed ground floors have become favourites among renowned and luxury brands showcasing their latest products and collections. They are also a popular choice among artists, serving as original backdrops for photo shoots, film production, and exhibitions.

Choose the perfect space to host your event.

The highest floors of Varso Tower, the tallest building in the European Union, present a spectacular setting for celebrating corporate anniversaries and business milestones, as well as hosting conferences and cultural events. One of the biggest draws for guests attending “high-level” functions is the spectacular cityscape, thriving with life below.

Varso Place is also renowned for its creatively integrated landscaping design. The lobby of Varso Tower is decorated with tall exotic trees while several of the buildings’ external terraces feature some of the highest elevated green gardens, also available for rent.

Space rental

Spaces you can arrange according to your needs

Varso Place offers original, modern interiors for photo sessions, film locations, exhibitions, conferences, events and product promotions. Check how we can help you achieve success.

Surface area: 795 m2
Mosaic: the installation the size of 320 sq. m. has been "woven" from 1,800 hand-made ceramic tiles. Its colours refer to sky and the roof tiles of Warsaw's Old Town.
Surface area: 703 m2
Capacity: 700 people*
DWG plans sent upon request

* according to the Fire Protection Conditions issued for our Building Project for the entire ground floor VT

Surface area: 344 m2
Power supply: single-phase sockets
Space rental

Central localisation is one of the adventages of Varso Place

Varso Place is an original venue that connects people and businesses, becoming a hub for unique events.

Surface area: 260 m2
Power supply: single-phase sockets
Corridor lenght: 116m
Usable area: 244 m2 (including greenery)
Board area: 103.8 m2
Space rental

Why choose Varso Place? Here are just a few reasons!

By choosing Varso Place for your event, rest assured that everything will run like clockwork – we’ll see to it personally. We promise:

Event manager support
Maintenance services
Convenient underground car parks
Access to the building’s Wi-Fi network

The most prestigious, award-winning office space in Warsaw
Located in the heart of Warsaw
Home to Varso Tower, the tallest building in the European Union, featuring the highest outdoor gardens
Views guaranteed to wow everyone
Spaces tailored to the nature and scale of your event
Extensive design possibilities for rented areas
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Varso Place - Space rental

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