Record-breaking Varso Tower Run

May 27, 2024

The third edition of the Varso Tower Run competition brought new records for both men and women. The fastest person to run to the 53rd floor of the office building was the Japanese, Ryoji Watanabe. Poles dominated the women’s podium, and Klaudia Krajewska was the best.

6 minutes, 44 seconds and 15 hundredths – this is how long it took the current towerrunning vice-champion of the world, Ryoji Watanabe from Japan, to overcome almost 1,400 stairs leading to the finish line of the competition Varso Tower Run, located 230 meters above the ground, on top of the tallest building in European Union. He set a new record, improving his own result from a year ago by... less than one and a half seconds.

The Japanese representative feels strong in Varso Tower. He won the Warsaw race for the second year in a row and again overtook the world champion in towerrunning and world number one in this discipline, Wai Ching Soh from Malaysia. The Croatian, Ivan Vuletić was third, and the best Pole, Paweł Ruszała, finished in fourth place.

Varso Tower

I am satisfied with my performance, although I missed the podium by 4 seconds.

Great fun, the race was well organized. You have to be happy, because it's not every day you have such views at the finish line as today from the roof of the tallest building in Poland 

- Paweł Ruszała, the fastest Pole during Varso Tower Run 2024

Polish runners dominated the women’s competition. The winner was Klaudia Krajewska with a time of 8 minutes and 43 seconds. In this way, she crushed the previous women's course record, which belonged to the Japanese Yuko Tateishi and was more than half a minute weaker. Ines Żejko finished second, and the third place went to the winner of the first edition of Varso Tower Run 2022, Iwona Wicha.

Varso Tower

I am happy not only with the place, but also that my form continues to emerge.

I am training a lot less this season, and yet I ran only 11 seconds slower than in 2022, when I won this race. Congratulations to Klaudia and Ines! 

– Iwona Wicha, third place during Varso Tower Run 2024

In total, over seven hundred people took part in the third edition of the Varso Tower Run. In the OPEN category - excluding elite sports players – the winners were Bartek Parkasiewicz and Dominika Ostrowska. The runners also included a large group of people working in the Varso Place office complex daily.

As in previous years, the event also had a charitable dimension. Thanks to the HB Reavis Foundation, a check for PLN 50,000 was donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action.

The honorary patron of the race was the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski. The strategic sponsor of the event organized by HB Reavis is Bank Pekao S.A. The sponsors also include the CMS law firm and PZU Zdrowie, and the event partners are Magnicity Warsaw, NYX Hotel Warsaw, CIC Warsaw and Zdrofit fitness clubs.

More information about the Varso Tower Run competition:

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