Sky garden at Varso Tower is taking shape

September 03, 2021

The viewing platform of Varso Tower is to become the highest located garden in Warsaw. Guests of its observation deck will find shade under the crowns of mature single-necked hawthorns. At the height of 205 meters these trees are among the highest planted in a building in Europe.

Varso Tower in Warsaw will feature two public observation decks at its top: at a height of 205 meters and 230 meters. The first has recently turned green with 16 single-necked hawthorns (Crataegus monogyna) up to 6 meters in height and weight of over 2 tons each. These are densely branched deciduous trees with a spherical crown.

Pulled up with the crane the trees have settled on a technical layer of soil with aeration and irrigation intended for plantings. Also, the selected species adapts well to various weather conditions and is resilient to air pollution.

The garden on top of Varso Tower was designed by RS Architektura Krajobrazu, known in Warsaw for the greenery of Świętokrzyska Street and the Vistula Boulevards, and the plantings were executed by Hadart.

So far HB Reavis has planted approx. 80 mature trees alongside Chmielna street. Overall there will be a total of 175 trees planted around Varso Place and on its rooftops as well as in the lobby of Varso Tower.

Scheduled for delivery in Q1 2022, Varso Tower construction is currently working on completion of its glass façade as well as interior installation and finishing works.

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