Vote for Varso Tower at LEGO Ideas!

May 06, 2022

Many of those who felt the joy of becoming a LEGO builder, let their imagination run free, making magnificent structures from bricks to this day. Much like all LEGO enthusiasts, we share a passion for creating incredible buildings. These include our record breaking building, Varso Tower. We thought that since it is a unique development of its kind in Europe, it simply had to have its LEGO version! See and judge our project for yourselves at the LEGO Ideas competition.

It has 53 storeys, observation decks at the top and is deceptively similar to Varso Tower, a full-size office building in Warsaw that is nearing completion. A perfect miniature of the original building designed by Foster + Partners, this incredible LEGO mock-up was prepared especially for the LEGO Ideas competition. Are you curious to see what it looks like? Have a look!

Doesn’t our LEGO Varso look like the real Varso Tower? Or perhaps you’d like to build this LEGO set yourself? Here’s a fun fact: competition projects that get 10,000 votes from Internet users will qualify for the final and have a chance to hit the shelves and then make an addition to your home collection. So if you like our building, hurry up and vote

LEGO Ideas is a competition for LEGO fans from all over the world – master builders who like to share ideas and those who want to build unconventional brick sets. Every year sees submissions in different categories, including buildings, architecture, cities, castles, vehicles, cars, trains, space and games. 36 projects qualified for the grand final of last year’s edition, as much as half of which were buildings. The jury eventually picked four ideas that have already hit the stores or will become available for sale next year. Those are Jazz Quartet, The Office, A-frame Cabin and BTS “Dynamite”.

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